+ our manifesto +

+ find a quiet place each day and breathe + nourish your body with wholesome food + explore and open your mind + embrace music and culture + share your stories, talents and knowledge + value tradition +

+ be passionate + build community + strengthen relationships + savour life’s simple pleasures + feed your soul with great food, fine wine and joyous company + delight in the present and enjoy the moment + be honest + celebrate family + go slow and go sweet +




+ food philosophy +

Our food philosophy is simple. Fresh, seasonal + whenever possible, local. We believe the best food travels the shortest distance + our own market garden provides fresh, organic produce, from farm to plate.

We proudly + passionately support local farmers + growers. Wherever + whenever possible, all meat, poultry + seafood are found close to home. When local produce is unavailable, the best quality Australian ingredients are sourced. The foundation of our food philosophy is an ever-changing + seasonal menu, using traditional Italian cooking techniques which have been lovingly passed down for generations.

We believe in lively conversation, delicious food, fine wines, homemade and handmade, family recipes, friends, old + new, + gracious hospitality.

Share our passion, buon appetito!